Fall to Winter Blog

Gutters and Snow Brake 

It looks like it went straight from Summer to Winter up here ! We truly only had one week of Fall colors and a blazing yellow tree. The next week, it was 12 inches of snow. The good news ? The gutters and Snow Brakes were installed in October which should help us keep everyone a little more dry up here.

It is such a calming place up here now that the hustle of summer is gone. The cows have been moved to winter pastures, and the horses have moved to their new pastures. So it is just the turkeys, ravens, and deer now. It is truly relaxing to sit out on the porch with a hot cup of coffee and contemplate life.

Griz Country

Garbage and Bears

THIS IS BEAR COUNTRY !! The metal container with the 24 Raven on it, in the driveway, is a bear proof trash container. Place all trash in this container. Do NOT leave food or anything that can be construed as food outside. Please be aware that there are bears in this area, including grizzly bears. Please act accordingly. We would love to see you back intact.